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vQFX cpu cores and ram
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Hello Aaron,

For VCP, I am using 1G and 1 vCPU, same for VFP. I am using 19.4R1. As
the wiki suggests 2GB and 4GB, this seems quite comfortable. My setup
may be too simplistic compared to yours. See for example
which works fine with 1G for each.

It may just be that the memory and CPU need to be increased for each
interface. In non-lite mode, the vMX has this kind of requirements.
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> Hi All,
> If you have experience running vQFXs, what are you setting for cpu cores and ram?
> I'm using eve-ng to get around group_fwd_mask issues[1] such that I
> can have lacp and lldp working right out of the box.
> The defaults on the github page do not seem enough, as if I set those
> values, I can't even get lacp bundles to come up, once I bump the
> resources, the bundles come up.
> I've asked my SE, but I would like to know what the community has set in their environments?
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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