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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I post to a forum?
A. You can't, this is a read only archive of public mailing lists.

Q. How can I get a list added to the archive?
A. Just send us an email to lists at gossamer-threads dot com and include details on your mailing list you'd like added, and a location where we can get an uptodate mbox file for importing old messages.

Q. How do you protect users email addresses from harvesters?
A. We make every effort to stop people from harvesting emails from the site. Currently, we encode, strip and transform all email addresses we can find (including parsing the message body for emails that show up in forwards). The only place the email address is viewable is by clicking on the user, and we embed the email in an image to prevent harvesting.

Q. How can I remove a post from the archive?
A. We respect the 'X-No-Archive' headers in emails, and won't index or archive any mail that has it set.