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OPNSense running in domU has no network connectivity on 5.15.29+
I am running the FreeBSD-based router OS OPNSense in a domU. I recently
upgraded my dom0 kernel from 5.15.26 to 5.15.32 and with the new kernel,
OPNSense had no connectivity. I downloaded from 5.15.26-32,
built and installed each version and booted them consecutively until I found
the version that no longer worked. It turned out to be 5.15.29.

I looked through the change log of 5.15.29 and found two commits for xen-netback

commit 2708ceb4e5cc84ef179bad25a2d7890573ef78be
commit fe39ab30dcc204e321c2670cc1cf55904af35d01

I reverted these changes in 5.15.32 to the code as it was in 5.15.28, built and
installed. Now the network works. Now I dont know enough to know thats for sure
the right fix. Maybe I have a config issue, I dont know, but reverting
that change
fixes the problem.
What should I do?