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Re: Re: Getting rid of xenbus_suspend(): tpmfrontdriver impacted?
Keir Fraser wrote:
> On 6/11/06 08:09, "Tian, Kevin" <> wrote:
>> When you said "xenbus_resume" will not be executed, could I suppose that only
>> per-PV drivers' resume handler won't be invoked, while instead xb_init_comms
>> and
>> xs_resume are still invoked just after resuming point? In any case, we still
>> need
>> rebuild xenbus channel first, and then to let PV drivers detecting re-connect,
>> am I
>> right?
> No, there would still be a connection through to the xenstored. I guess we
> do take a few mutexes and so on, so we would need a bit of undo code. So
> xenbus_suspend_cancel() is probably the way to go. But full re-connection is
> not required.
if no full re-connection, how does everything across different layer
work together?

look at PV driver in HVM domain for example.
xen-platform-pci, xenbus and xen-vbd enable pseudo device,
shared_info/evtchn/xenbus and vbd respectively. when vbd driver found a
broken state when restore, it should reconnect the lower layers first,
since everything is lost.

> -- Keir