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[PATCH] add printf_ratelimit to tame the wild prints
If someone turns on verbose and/or debug the hypervisor slams the serial
pretty badly when starting a FV domain. So I pulled the
printk_ratelimit from Linux and put it into the hypervisor. Right now
the only user of it is the MEM_LOG in arch/x86/mm.c which can really
spit out a lot.

Since printk_ratelimit is very helpful in the Linux kernel, I can see it
being also used in HV. I changed it slightly from Linux to match the
naming convention in Xen. Since printk is defined to printf, I declared
the function printf_ratelimit and made a define of printk_ratelimit to
just be a clone of printf_ratelimit.

-- Steve

Signed-off-by: Steven Rostedt <>