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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/6] Code of Conduct + Extra Guides and Best Practices
Hi Lars,

Sorry for the late response, the Unikraft team is certainly happy to support this code of conduct.


-- Felipe

?On 27.09.19, 06:22, "Xen-devel on behalf of Lars Kurth" < on behalf of> wrote:

From: Lars Kurth <>

This series proposes a concrete version of the Xen Project
CoC based on v1.4 of the Contributor Covenant. See [1]

It contains *ALL* the portions I was still going to add.
I spent a bit of time on word-smithing, but I am not a native English speaker
So there is probably time for improvement

The series also reflects the discussion in [2] and some private
discussions on IRC to identify initial members of the Xen
Project’s CoC team.

For convenience of review and in line with other policy documents
I created a git repository at [3]. This series can be found at [5].


Changes since v1
* Code of Conduct
Only whitespace changes

* Added Communication Guide
Contains values and a process based on advice and mediation in case of issues
This is the primary portal for

* Added Code Review Guide
Which is based on [4] with some additions for completeness
It primarily sets expectations and anything communication related is removed

* Added guide on Communication Best Practice
Takes the communication section from [4] and expands on it with more examples
and cases. This is probably where we may need some discussion

* Added document on Resolving Disagreement
A tiny bit of theory to set the scene
It covers some common cases of disagreements and how we may approach them
Again, this probably needs some discussion


Lars Kurth (6):
Import v1.4 of Contributor Covenant CoC
Xen Project Code of Conduct
Add Communication Guide
Add Code Review Guide
Add guide on Communication Best Practice
Added Resolving Disagreement


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