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OOUI v0.42.0 released – less render-blocking code via updated browser support, upgrade to jQuery 3.6.0 & OOjs 6.0.0
Hi everybody,

We've released version 0.42.0 of the OOUI library* yesterday.
It's going to rollout with normal train next Tuesday, 24 August 2021.

Highlights in this release:
- Removal of code fragments for browsers, that were taken out of basic
support, most of those affected released before 2013! [0]. Removal
will directly results in a small performance gain for all other users.
This is nominally a breaking change. If you need to continue to
support those browsers in your environment, please stick with an
earlier version.

- Upgraded underlying libraries to jQuery v3.6.0, up from v3.5.1 and
OOjs to v6.0.0, up from v5.0.0. This goes hand-in-hand with similar
upgrade in MediaWiki core. Both updates above are considered breaking
changes. Please carefully test if they affect your code.

- Two new icons, 'share' and 'ocr' have become part of the library and
the WikimediaUI design system.

- Addition of RequiredElement mixin, already added in v0.41.1

Thanks especially to Thiemo Kreuz and volunteer DannyS712 on improving
the documentation and Umherirrender for continuous code improvement

You can find details on additional new features, code-level, styling
and interaction design amendments, and all improvements since v0.41.0
in the full changelog [1].

If you have any further queries or need help dealing with breaking
changes, please reach out to me.

As always, interactive demos [2] and library documentation is
available on [3], there is comprehensive generated
code-level documentation and interactive demos and tutorials hosted on [4].


* Obligatory to say, no, this is not the answer to Everything. That
will probably be v42 of the future Vue.js based user-interface
components library [5].

OOUI version: 0.42.0
MediaWiki version: 1.37.0-wmf.20
Date of deployment to production: Regular train, starting Tuesday 24 August

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