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Re: Public API for Wikimedia map tiles to be discontinued in 45 days
> [crosspost from Maps-l]

Hi everyone,

here are a few clarifications about our prior announcement about the Maps
API deprecation for 3rd parties [1].

As stated, our plan is *not* going to have any impact on any
Wikimedia-hosted wikis. This means that nothing will change for maps, in
any namespace, on Wikipedia and any sister projects. Tools that are hosted
on Wikimedia services are also not going to be affected (i.e.,

This said, we are aware that there may be map usage beyond such venues
where deprecation would still affect our community members and their
activities - for instance, the Wiki Loves Monuments website, and the
Wikimedia Poland chapter website both rely on our maps API.

Hence, over the 45 day deprecation period which ends in mid October: *if
you represent an affiliated free knowledge group that does regular work
with our maps (any Wikimedia affiliates, or established wikiprojects), or
if you are closely partnering with other entities who do, we welcome you to
reach out, either here on this announcement thread or on the dedicated
Phabricator ticket [2].*

We will work with you to understand your needs, and what alternatives
exist. For further questions, I encourage you to contact me off-list to
reduce noise.

Thank you.



Erica Litrenta
Manager, Community Relations Specialists
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