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Maintenance release: MediaWiki 1.35.13
I would like to announce the availability of MediaWiki 1.35.13

This fixes an issue identified in the MediaWiki 1.35.13 release. The patch
T341529 was incorrectly back-ported, which would result in an error
relating to some diffs.

If you use git tags, 1.35.12 and 1.35.13 are basically identical (bar
RELEASE-NOTES and a version bump), due to how the issue was resolved to get
the patches through CI.

If you use the tarballs and patches, as the patches are created against the
uploaded tarballs (not re-created versions from the git tags), the patch
will resolve the issue mentioned above.


Download without bundled extensions:

Patch to previous version (1.35.12):

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