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[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Hackathon in Athens: registration, program & satellite events
Hello all,

As you may already know, the Wikimedia Hackathon 2023 will take place in
Technopolis, Athens, Greece, on May 19-21. This in-person event will gather
the global Wikimedia technical community to connect, hack, run technical
discussions, and explore new ideas.

*If you plan to join, please register as soon as possible.*

Registration for the Hackathon will be open until we reach the event's
maximum capacity [0]. If you plan to join, we encourage you to register as
soon as possible, as there are currently around ten slots left. We also
encourage you to book your travel and accommodation shortly. You will find
more information on the travel [1] and accommodation [2] pages. You are
also welcome to help us improve those pages by adding additional
information about Athens and how to travel there.

For people who already registered, remember to confirm your attendance by
filling out the additional field in the registration form (see the email
sent by on March 13). Please note that WMF's
scholarship process concluded in January, and aside from the 51 people who
got a scholarship confirmed, we cannot support people with funds or visa
documents. Therefore, most participants must organize their own travel to
stay in Athens.

This year's edition will focus on bringing together people who already
contribute to technical aspects of the Wikimedia projects, know how to find
their way around in the technical ecosystem, and can work or collaborate on
projects more autonomously. For people new to our technical environment,
there are other newcomers-friendly events you can join throughout the year
- feel free to improve the list. [3]

*You can organize a satellite event with your local community.*

For people new to the technical aspects of the Wikimedia projects or who
cannot attend the in-person event, a great option could be to organize an
autonomous, local satellite event to the Hackathon. These events can occur
before, during, or after the in-person event. If you are considering
running an event like this, contact your local community to get started! If
you need financial support, please note that the deadline to apply for the
current round of Rapid Funds is March 20 [4].

*Proposals for the in-person program are welcome until April 4.*

The Hackathon is organized as a participant-driven event and lives from the
active participation of its attendees. Because this year's edition is
focused on reconnecting with your technical community peers in person, most
of the program will take place onsite. You can propose a session by
creating a task on the Phabricator board. Find more information on the
Program page [5].

Similar to the satellite events, some online sessions, in parallel or ahead
of the event, may be organized autonomously by participants. In any case,
participants are free to work on their projects, whether in-person or
online, and connect to the technical community on the Hackathon channels

If you have any questions, feel free to use the Hackathon talk page or to
reach out to the organizers at


On behalf of the Hackathon organizing team








*Srishti Sethi*
Senior Developer Advocate
Wikimedia Foundation <>