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Upcoming press release - 1,000,000 articles
I've started a page for a new press release for when we reach one
million Wikipedia articles:

I guess this means I'm taking Anthere up on her suggestion that I
coordinate this press release, but obviously I can't do it alone and I
welcome anybody who is interested in helping out. So far I basically
copied the 500,000-article press release and rewrote some of the first
paragraph. Obviously a lot of the content is still outdated information
and will need work.

I agree with Anthere's general comments that we should probably try and
make this press release more concise. Also, hopefully we'll leave a
paragraph or so that each Wikipedia can write itself to include items of
particular local interest.

Since it appears that we'll reach one million articles in mid-September,
I've suggested a timeline for the process. I'm hoping we can get the
press release written by 7 September, then freeze the content and allow
a week for it to be translated into as many languages as possible before
14 September. Then start distributing it on or about 15 September,
depending on what day we actually reach the milestone.

If people could spread the word on the different Wikipedias, I would
really appreciate it. Input from all languages is welcome, and in any
case we'll need a lot of help when it comes time for translations.

--Michael Snow