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Best way to add a 'person' field
I have the need to add a field for a contact-type person. This person need
not be a Trac user. But for now, let's say they are. So they have set up
their Trac account and have an e-mail address.

I see that a text field is pretty much what can be offered in a ticket. But
that seems rather limited. It means that the person entering this
information would need to know the user's login name or e-mail address. It
would be so much nicer if a drop-down of users like when you assign a
ticket to someone could be provided. I was looking for a plugin for this,
but I did not see anything. Also, with a text field, it seems that
validation is tricky. How to let the user know that what they have entered
is a known user?

Another thing: how to integrate such a field into the announcer (Trac's own
built-in one)?

Roger Oberholtzer

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