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Re: SV: Character encoding in Report Templates
On Thu, 15 Oct 2020, Tim Wetterek Andersson wrote:

> I am sorry for not really understanding but is what you mean I should
> try using like "lang sv ...." for the whole report template?

Please keep the conversation on the users list so others can potentially
benefit in the future.

That might be a solution, but it presumes your language is set to Swedish,
rather than being set to English and just overriding all the default
English messages with Swedish text...

All I can say is: try it and see if it works.

Create a file in your local configuration folder, and put in
stuff that's similar to one of the existing translation files. These are
what we already have in the base code:

(Click the "(view)" link near the top to see the file itself, click the
"(download)" link to download a copy to edit.)

Don't worry about all the rule description translations unless you want
to. Focus on the report template translations first.

I don't have a suggestion for the proper encoding to use. But with the
proper encoding set, you should be able to just paste in the appropriate
text without having to fiddle around with escapes.

Let us know how that goes!

A general note to the list: more translations would be gratefully
welcomed, if anyone wants to provide languages that we don't
currently have.

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> Ämne: Re: Character encoding in Report Templates
> On Tue, 22 Sep 2020, Tim Wetterek Andersson wrote:
>> I am very new to SpamAssassin and I can not get the following to work:
>> I am trying to use the swedish characters åäö in the report template I have set up in my SpamAssasin instances.
> FYI, QP encodes that as: the swedish characters =E5=E4=F6
>> I have tried using the ASCII-tables described here
>> <
>> Advanced> but the only thing that shows is the following below.
> That's specific to writing the regular expressions used in rules. Report template text is just... text.
>> Excerpts of different config outputs I've tried:
>> Spam programvaran /p(?:\xfc|\xc3\xa5)/ "xxxx"
>> Spam programvaran p(?:\xfc|\xc3\xa5) "xxxx"
> I note that none of the characters there are \xe5, \xe4 or \xf6.
>> Excerpts of how the mail looks without tried configs:
>> Spam programvaran på "xxxx"
> FYI, QP encodes that as: Spam programvaran p=C3=A5 "xxxx"
> the second half of what you used (\xc3\xa5) *is* being emitted in the report.
> Try:
> Spam programvaran p\xe5 "xxxx"
> Did you try just pasting in the proper accented text verbatim? Explicit hex values shouldn't be needed. See the report lines of this for example:

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