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rsyslog 3.12.0 released
Hi all,

as promised, I have just released rsyslog 3.12.0. It has one new major
feature, and that is complex expression support inside filters. For
example, you can now do the following [all of this is on *one* line]:

if $syslogfacility-text == 'local0' and $msg startswith 'DEVNAME' and
($msg contains 'error1' or $msg contains 'error0') then /var/log/somelog

There is no restriction on the complexity of expressions. As with
selector lines, you can specify as many "if"-filters as you like. I
personally have been waiting very long for this feature, as I consider
it core functionality which should be provided. So I am more than happy
that we now have it. Please note that I will continue to enhance this
facility, ultimately ending up with a simple configuration script
language. During that course, some syntax may change, so you may need to
slightly modify your configuration files if you upgrade to a later

Documentation for this feature can be found under "Expression-based
Filters" on the rsyslog.conf page:

No other changes or fixes are included in 3.12.0.



I hope the new feature is useful. Feedback is appreciated.