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Feedback Requested
Hi all,

this is for the developer folks among you. Once again I would like to
ask for some feedback on future rsyslog directions. I will soon begin to
work on the "rsyslog loader". The loader will "complete" plugin support,
as it will allow modules to dynamically load other modules. For example,
this will enable all database-writing plugins to uilize a single module
(object) that provides a database writing framework. That will further
facilitate plugin development.

There are several ways to implement this feature. One of them is that
each rsyslog object will have its own library, which than is dynamically
loaded upon request at runtime. This will probably result in (at least)
20+ libraries. From a performance perspective, there most probably is
not a big impact. But you need to take care of these files.

Question now: is it desirable to limit the number or core library files?
Or doesn't it really matter how many files are there as long as rsyslog
handles loading automatically (provided the files are all in a common
[rsyslog] search path)? [.I have to admit I lean towards the "multi-file"
end ;)].

If you have an opinion, I'd really like to hear it. Remember, now is the
time to make your input influence what ultimately will be implemented ;)

Thanks to all,