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How to add TLS Client Certificate subjectName (or subjectAltName) to rsyslog message template?

I am setting up rsyslog as a aggregator from multiple clients using TLS
with mutual authentication between the server and the client machines. I
would like to add data from the client's certificate (namely the subject
or subjectAltName) into the log message.

I know I can add the fromhost-ip into the log message, and even the
hostname, but I want to grab data from the certificate (because that's
something I know is stable and something in my control, whereas the IP and
hostname might get changed by the client).

Is there some way to collect that information from the certificate and add
it into a log template? I've been searching and couldn't find any way to
gather that information.

I am running 8.2204.1



Derek Atkins 617-623-3745
Computer and Internet Security Consultant

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