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Re: [quagga-users 1376] Re: Problems with removing import route-maps in Quagga-0.96.4 with Ro ute server patch
> > I seem to have a problem removing import route-maps from bgp
> > neighbor statements. Doing a "no neighbor <ip-addr> route-map
> > <asn>-export export" command will remove the export statements but
> > not the import statements, assuming I use import instead of export
> > in the statement. Is anyone else having this issue?

> export / import? that sounds like Jose's route-server patch. Jose?

Yes, it was a small bug (just a single character missing :-), when 'no
neighbor <ip-addr> route-map <name> import' was executed it was the 'in'
route-map the one which was actually removed.

I've fixed the bug and I've also written a Changelog entry for the patch.