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Re: Quagga Goals
On 5 Aug 2003, Geoff O'Callaghan wrote:

> On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 15:54, John Fraizer wrote:
> >
> > I whole-heartedly disagree. While it is not ready for use, I don't think
> > we need multiple trees of Quagga. It can be noted that ISISd is not ready
> > for use but, I think it needs to be in the same tree as Quagga.
> >
> >
> IMNSHO I think we're having a rush of features due to the previous
> stagnation of the project. The simple thing as far as I can see is to
> freeze zebra-pj as it currently stands - with only the work required to
> create a quagga 1.0.x release from that base. Release that asap to give
> the community a viable alternative to zebra.
> Then create a quagga-1.1.x tree to start adding new features with the
> goal to having a quagga-1.2.x production release. Similar concept as
> Linux kernel devel.
> Cheers
> Geoff

I agree. I think that Paul is working hard towards this goal.

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