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bgpd network with route-map - not working - HELP !
I am looking for a fix for BGP and specifically a route-map connected
under the network. I carried out an investigation in this case and I can
say that it has been damaged from version 1.1.0 to 1.2.4 (actual).

I can tell you that the error is in the source code of the ./bgpd/
However, I can not locate a specific "bgp_*.c" file

network route-map blackhole (if it was added manually by vty
then it works, session restart or bgp does not send the network)

1.0.20161017 >= works
1.2.4 >= 1.1.0 not working

Example config:
router bgp 64512
 bgp router-id
 network   -> always works
 network route-map blackhole-routemap    -> works if added
on vty, never load bgpd.conf
 neighbor Lab peer-group
 neighbor Lab remote-as 64513
 neighbor Lab update-source
 neighbor Lab timers 30 90
 neighbor Lab soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor Lab prefix-list all-prefixlist-in in
 neighbor Lab route-map lab-routemap-in in
 neighbor Lab route-map lab-routemap-out out
 neighbor peer-group Lab
ip prefix-list all-prefixlist-in seq 1 deny
ip prefix-list blackhole-prefixlist seq 1 permit ge 32
ip prefix-list blackhole-prefixlist seq 2 deny le 32
ip prefix-list lab-prefixlist-out seq 1 permit
ip prefix-list lab-prefixlist-out seq 2 deny le 32
ip community-list standard blackhole-community-list permit 64512:666
ip community-list standard lab-bh-community-list permit 64513:666
route-map lab-routemap-in permit 10
route-map lab-routemap-out permit 10
 match ip address prefix-list lab-prefixlist-out
route-map lab-routemap-out permit 15
 match community blackhole-community-list
 match ip address prefix-list blackhole-prefixlist
 set community 64513:666
route-map blackhole-routemap permit 10
 match ip address prefix-list blackhole-prefixlist
 set community 64512:666

Marcin Kabiesz

Tel: 692 364 309

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