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announce: acceptutils 20201211
acceptutils (, my TLS and AUTH
implementation, has been updated. Changes:

- reup: Delete, because retrying AUTH has been broken ever since TLS was
added to authup.
- authup: Fix AUTH retries under TLS by inlining the retry logic.
- fixsmtpio: Fix process-management bugs in "Ensure STARTTLS resets all
state by restarting qmail-smtpd."
- Manual pages: considerably improve clarity of authup(8) and
fixsmtpio(8). Mention s6-ucspitlsd, a new UCSPI-TLS server
implementation coming soon to s6-networking.

The acceptutils patch doesn't need to be integrated into your main tree,
because it only adds new programs. These programs work well with a
patched or unpatched notqmail, netqmail, or qmail.

As always, feedback welcome.

- Amitai

P.S. There is also nascent code to integrate with NetBSD and FreeBSD's
blocklist (an alternative approach to solving the same problem as
fail2ban). The blocklist API currently requires a network socket, which
UCSPI server applications are not guaranteed to have, so the code is
turned off. It might work if you're running under plain old tcpserver.