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System Calls
I need to make a UNIX CDE System Call (DtWsmOccupyAllWorkspaces(XtDisplay
(shell)) I'm guessing that I need to create a C file and embed it into my
Python module. Is there any other way to do this? If not how do I embed the C
call into my Python module?

Below is some code that I found which I think is at least heading in the
right direction but I'm not sure because I'm new to Dt/Xt coding. Any and ALL
help is greatly appreciated!

/* Place a window in all workspaces */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <Xm/XmAll.h>
#include <Dt/Wsm.h>

void main();
static void allWsCB();

* Occupy All Workspaces Function
static void occupyAllWs (w, client_data, call_data)
Widget w; /* widget id */
XtPointer client_data; /* data from application */
XtPointer call_data; /* data from widget class */
DtWsmOccupyAllWorkspaces (XtDisplay(toplevel), XtWindow(toplevel));


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