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ANN: A new version (0.5.1) of python-gnupg has been released.
What Changed?
This is an enhancement and bug-fix release, and all users are encouraged to upgrade.

Brief summary:

* Added TRUST_EXPIRED to trust_keys.

* Fix #206: Remove deprecated --always-trust in favour of --trust-model always

* Fix #208: Add status_detail attribute to result objects which is populated when
  the status is 'invalid recipient' (encryption/decryption) or 'invalid signer'
  (signing). This attribute will be set when the result object's status attribute is
  set to 'invalid recipient' and will contain more information about the failure in the
  form of reason:ident where reason is a text description of the reason, and
  ident identifies the recipient key.

* Add scan_keys_mem() function to scan keys in a string.

* Fix #214: Handle multiple signatures when one of them is invalid or unverified.

* A problems attribute was added which holds problems reported by gpg
  during verification. This is a list of dictionaries, one for each reported
  problem. Each dictionary will have status and keyid keys indicating
  the problem and the corresponding key; other information in the dictionaries
  will be error specific.

* Fix #217: Use machine-readable interface to query the gpg version.

* Added the ability to export keys to a file.
This release [2] has been signed with my code signing key:

Vinay Sajip (CODE SIGNING KEY) <vinay_sajip at>
Fingerprint: CA74 9061 914E AC13 8E66 EADB 9147 B477 339A 9B86

Recent changes to PyPI don't show the GPG signature with the download links.
An alternative download source where the signatures are available is at [4].
The source code repository is at [1].
Documentation is available at [5].
As always, your feedback is most welcome (especially bug reports [3],
patches and suggestions for improvement, or any other points via this group).



Vinay Sajip

Re: ANN: A new version (0.5.1) of python-gnupg has been released. [ In reply to ]
On 2023-07-22 at 11:04:35 +0000,
Vinay Sajip via Python-list <> wrote:

> What Changed?
> =============

What changed, indeed.

Maybe I'm old, and curmudgeonly, but it would be nice if the body of
these annoucement emails (not just this one) contained the name of the
program and a one-line summary of what the program does, preferably
right at the top.

(Admittedly, in this case, once I found the name of the program in the
subject and the footnotes, I was able to figure out what it does. Not
all software is named that usefully.)