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Flamebait (was: Re: bool and int)
On 2023-01-26 at 10:52:06 +0000,
"Weatherby,Gerard" <> wrote:

> I can’t help but wonder if there exists some Java forum /mailing list
> going on about how horrible Python is.

Not some of them. *All* of them. Here's the summary:

- Dynamic Typing causes defects and makes non-toy software projects

- Python is slow.

- Significant Whitespace [insert pejorative here].

- Python allows code to exist outside of methods, and methods to exist
outside of classes. What's a function?

- There is no backwards compatibility.

Many, if not most, languages are created as improvements over others,
because those others have serious flaws (whether those flaws are real or
perceived). And even at that, the earliest languages were created
because cores, wires, and machine languages were extremely painful.