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TONYC Grant Report May 2021
Approximately 36 tickets were reviewed, and 6 patches were

[Hours] [Activity]
0.55 research, comment on https topic in PSC #021 2021-05-21
0.67 #15608 research and comment
0.93 #18660 review suggested test code, research
0.15 #18670 re-check, apply to blead
10.57 #18703 try to setup a nixos test environment
#18703 try to reproduce, reproduce and some debugging,
think about solutions
#18703 work on a fix, testing
#18703 debug some not understood behaviour
#18703 dig into Configure
#18703 testing, track down intermittent failure, work on
updating changes
#18703 more changes, testing
#18703 make PRs #18790 and #18791, comment on #18703
1.60 #18710 review
#18710 comment
1.17 #18734 review, research and comment
1.80 #18739 work on a fix, strange build issues (resolved) and
push for CI
0.33 #18748 review and close
0.05 #18749 apply to blead
0.38 #18752 review and comment
0.33 #18785 review and comment
8.40 #18788 reproduce, try to debug
#18788 research and comment
#18788 report #136523 against IO::Async::File, apply
supplied alt patch against tree, look for similar bugs
#18788 PR #395 against EU::MM, more look for similar bugs
#18788 make PR #18798
#18788 fix File::Copy too, perldelta updates
0.32 #18789 review and comment
0.18 #18790 recheck and apply to blead
0.45 #18798 re-check, testing and apply to blead
0.37 #18819 apply to blead (disable msvc100 CI), open ticket to
track the original problem
1.70 :utf8 code re-check
2.30 :utf8 debugging and fix, more testing
1.23 :utf8 debugging, find a related bug and fix (but a test
fails, probably broken test)
1.78 :utf8 more code review
3.45 :utf8 more review
:utf8 more review
2.40 :utf8 test for possible bug, debugging
1.23 cleanup old tonyc/ and smoke-me/tonyc branches (preserved
what I want to keep in tonycoz mirror)
1.02 COP memory savings
1.97 list catch up, debug and comment on submitted security
1.50 more Data::Alias, testing with usedtrace, consider how to
fix, email
1.85 more Data::Alias, testing, research, discussion with xmath
1.35 more look at SvPV_shrink_to_cur()
0.28 more quirks email
0.22 msvc100: research and comment
1.22 neilb quirks email
3.15 review github notifications
review github notifications
review github notifications
review github notifications
review github notifications
review github notifications
1.40 review github notifications, work up change to remove
msvc100 from CI, more github notifications while the push
CIs, look at SvPV_shrink_to_cur()’s interaction with CoW
0.18 review PSC notes
1.65 review rfc docs
58.13 hours total