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MacOSX launchd patches for ssh-agent?
Good day,

I’ve been looking at replacing the Apple provided ssh-agent, while still starting it from Launchd, but all the solutions I’ve thus far saw was typically fixed with absolute path names.

The one thing that the Apple ssh-agent <> does, it to fetch the filedescriptors from launchd, and create sockets from that, instead of opening it’s own unix sockets, and if you use the $SSH_AUTH_SOCKET variable of that socket that launchd created and listened on before starting the ssh-agent, then ssh-agent fails as it can’t open the socket while launchd also has it open.

The related code inside the conditionals for __APPLE_LAUNCHD__ , and the l_flag variable (that is introduced with the -l option to tell it’s running under launchd

If it’s acceptable to provide the needed, I’ll start the process to patch/etc. against the latest and do the pull request,

(I’m surprised I haven’t yet found a SystemD related stuff doing the same in the code based to do the same)