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potential issue with BR-MLX-10Gx20 20-port 1/10GbE Module

I have an issue with the above mentioned card in a Brocade MLXe . When inserted it comes with a default config of gig-default neg-off under all interfaces, configuration which cannot be removed:

(config-if-e10000-1/1)#no gig-default neg-off
Error: This command is not supported on this port

This generates the issue that if i use a 1G sfp towards some other device and negotiation is not turned off on that end i will not get link. Is there a solution to this?

Also for some reason, when using a 10G sfp and connecting to another MLX on a NI-MLX-10Gx4 4-port 10GbE module i do not get link.Is there any plausible explanation?

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