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Towards NessusClient 1.2?

within the next two month we (Bernhard Herzog and myself)
can offer some time to spend on improving NessusClient.

Our hope is to get out release 1.2 with any remaining
regressions resolved.

So far I can see the following items:

- optimize widget/window sizes

- change default for cashing mode to off

- introduce some hashing regarding plugin data in order to decrease
memory consumption for cashing mode.

- all the reports indexes are recomputed every time NessusClient is
loaded, which is very slow if you use it to perform big scans
(reported by Renaud Feb 21 on this list)

Renaud: I also found your email from Feb 22 on this list where you
mention "there are serious regressions in this branch which may
cause scans contents to be lost.".
Does this relate to one of the above items or is it yet another
issue? If the latter, could you provide some hints under which circumstances
this appeared?

Renaud: There was another error report (same date, same list) where you
report a constantly growing memory usage even though caching is switched
off. I tried to reproduce it, but failed. So, any additional information
on how to reproduce would be welcome.

Any opinions, comments welcome.
Did I miss further items?

All the best


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