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REQUEST: Please help translate MythTV v33 into your preferred language
A happy and healthy 2023 to our many MythTV users around the world. I
hope this finds you well.

The next version of MythTV, v33, is due for release soon. With much of
the interface and theme content frozen, it is now time to update our
translations across the many languages we currently support.

MythTV currently contains translations for 31 different languages, in
various states of completion.

If you have considered helping to translate the MythTV interface in
your native language, please read on.

The current list of MythTV's supported languages and their translation
status can be seen here:

Please make sure to check the Translation page on the MythTV wiki,
which has full details about how our translations are currently

If you see a language that you could help with, and you are interested
in helping to make MythTV even more accessible, please let me know,
including which language(s) you can help out with, and I can get the
wiki page updated with your details.

If you have any questions, please reply or drop me an email!

With thanks,
Translations Wrangler
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