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DVB - was (RE: Re: ATI 3D Rage II+ GTB (GFX) w/ AIW 7500 (Tuner))
If it is DVB then you have a limited number of choices (which is kind of good). Check out the selection from Hauppauge - they have a an add-on card which allows you to insert your decoder card.

If you don't see what you want then ring up Hauppauge directly because they seem to know their stuff and be able to source you some development cards. For example I have just put in an order for a full DVB-T card (to watch free to air digital channels in the UK) which isn't listed anywhere. In fact it is just a Technotrends card without a fancy box & packaging, etc

I bought a DVB decoder box for the main TV and the quality improvement over normal terrestrial through the arial TV is quite dramatic! Very impressive. I do hope that someone will consider adding direct support for MPEG 2 so that we could integrate these cards directly (and perhaps also an XMLtv slurper to read the epg info from the DVB card). Reading between the lines it should be theoretically easy to grab the MPEG 2 stream from the DVB card, channel changing works via an external script at the moment (I think).

There has been some discussion on this in the past actually

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No, but I have some leads. I can dig them up when I get home from work
today. So far I've found a DVB card which is said to tune in the Bell
Expressvu channels (should work for the DiSH network for you Americans)
but since they're encrypted with Nagravision (what your smartcard
decrypts) we have to find a PC compatible way of either using the
smartcard or find a way to just decrypt everything ;) I'm going to be
looking into this this summer so if you'd like to help that'd be great.
It will however tune in all unencrypted channels, which I think is just
all of the radio channels.

- John

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Er, sorry, I was looking in the wrong place. After closely reading a
few threads on this list I was able to find out that the AIW is a POS in
it's current state. :)

Guess it's time to junk the AIW and buy a better card.. Anyone have any
success with DVB cards in North America on the Dish Network? (Bell

- Jerry