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Freeview channel changes
I did a new scan of the Freeview channels last night. It is a few
months since I did my last scan of the DVB-T channels, and there have
been some changes here on the Wharite transmitter:

New channels:
name channum Multiplex serviceid
Al Jazeera 16 Mediaworks 1308
Te Reo 24 Mediaworks 1309
Yes Shop 21 Kordia 1420

Deleted channels:

I checked the web site and it says that TV9 will be
back shortly, so I would suggest leaving it set up for now.

Al Jazeera is already in the downloaded EPG data (xmltvid = as I think it has been broadcast on DVB-T in
Auckland for a while, but Te Reo and Yes Shop will need to be added.

I did not see any channel changes in the Freeview DVB-S channels
except the old one of Prime being moved there from the Sky

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Re: Freeview channel changes [ In reply to ]
> I just ran my script to scan the DVB-T channels available from Wharite
and there have been some changes since my last scan on 6-Jun-2021.
> These channels have gone and been replaced by placeholder channels (no
name but otherwise the same tuning data):
> Apna Television
> TVSN Shopping
> TV29
> And the "Kordia TV" channel has been renamed to "CH200".
> So I have added a new line to my mhegepgsnoop channel map:
> CH200
> so that channel will continue to get EPG if there is any. But I am
going to wait a bit before deleting the channels that have gone or
renaming Kordia TV in MythTV, since Apna Television and TV29 are still
listed on as valid channels.

I know a couple of channels changed to Auckland only recently. There are
some details under

In Auckland Apna changed multiplex and SID.

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