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linux-firmware-nonfree dropped from Ubuntu 16.04 multiverse
Hi all,

I upgraded my mythbox to mythbuntu 16.04 today and all seemed well until I
tried to load live TV. No connection to the capture card.

After a couple of hours of head scratching and googling, I grep'd dmesg and
found that the firmware was not loading. A quick google later, and I
realised that linux-firmware-nonfree holds the firmware for my card and as
this package has been dropped from multiverse it was uninstalled as part of
the upgrade process. :/

I was able to manually download the latest 15.10 package and install it
with dpkg.

My card is the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 4000-HD and it uses the cx88xx kernel

Any idea why this has been dropped, or how to keep it up to date from here
on in?