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DVB radio: markup and seektable
Klaas said in the PiP thread that DVB radio had been 'broken for years'.
I record often from DVB radio, but haven't tried playing it in a PiP
context, which may have been implied.

One minor thing that *has* changed recently is the behaviour with the
Editor for step lengths that aren't integral seconds. That didn't work
well, but could allow fairly easy cut placement with a granularity of 8
'video' frames - about 1/3 seconds. Now 0.5 sec forward and back (or
vv) from a 1-sec mark gives a net shift of position, and more refinement
can be awkward.

I then have a cobbled-together script that does cuts and produces mp2
files labelled as .mp3 which seem to play well, although IIRC the
encoding principles are quite different.

If the original seektable for a radio recording has been lost,
mythcommflag --rebuild will not recreate it and the Editor won't work.

John P
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