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maxMultiTermExpansions parameter of PhraseWildcardQuery class in Lucene 8.4.1 Sandbox

i hope everyone is doing great.

i set this parameter as Integer.MAX_VALUE and it is mostly working only
1 time had Memory issue.

However, by reducing this parameter how will it affect the search time
and quality of search results?

Has anybody done such an experiment?

The explanation for this parameter is as follows:

maxMultiTermExpansions - The maximum number of expansions across all
multi-terms and across all segments.

It counts expansions for each segments individually, that allows
optimizations per segment and unused expansions are credited to next

This is different from MultiPhraseQuery and SpanMultiTermQueryWrapper
which have an expansion limit per multi-term.

It would be aweome some toy example here, too.

Best regards


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