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bug filed, probably happens to Alpha alone
The bug is with the old bsd-game of cribbage. I don't have an x86
Gentoo kit, just my Alpha. The info said if it's not
x86, then add the architecture team to the CC list. So, I did, weeks later.
It's Bug 537010.
It seems strange that an ancient, text-based game wouldn't work right.
Maybe it's too old? I reported that the Gentoo game plays correctly in
Debian alpha, but neither plays right in Gentoo.
Obviously, bsd-games are not critical, necessary programs. Still, I
like that old cribbage game.

Is there anyone else with a Gentoo alpha that has tried bsd-games and
seen a problem with cribbage?

Note: When I emerged the latest ncurses (which made no difference) it
reported errors, but still installed. It said not to bother Gentoo with
that stuff, because it's an upstream problem. So, if it's a problem
with something similar, I'll shut up. I'm crossing my fingers and
hoping it's something easily fixed.

Adios, DW
Re: bug filed, probably happens to Alpha alone [ In reply to ]
To all lurking cribbage players:
Mr. Klausmann proved my wild speculation was incorrect. Cribbage is not
only broken on Alpha. Apparently, other architectures have the same