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linstor-proxmox v7.0.1-rc.1
Dear DRBD on PVE users,

this is the first RC for the upcoming 7.0.1 version.
- it fixes a performance regression introduced with 7.0.0
- it requires LINSTOR 1.23.0
- all users of 7.0.0 should then upgrade to 7.0.1

The detailed version:
Long story short, PVE calls status() freaking often. Depending on if you
select the storage in the GUI, this can happen every second, otherwise
like every 10s. To accommodate for that Proxmox's status() API has a
"cache" object that is passed in for every storage type. Let's say you
have 4 'drbd' storages (as in storage.cfg), then for the first call we
get an empty cache which we can fill, and for the next 3 we can use

That helps, but
- we can not make use of that for more than one iteration (remember, PVE
calls status an awful lot), that is why we introduced a file based
persistent cache to keep some information longer than 10 seconds.
- things get even worse if you have a distributed system where then
every PVE node hammers the LINSTOR controller with (the same)
questions all the time.

Do the math, the LINSTOR controller gets too many "what is the status of
my storage" calls very very quickly even in setups with a handful of

Recently we improved how we display storage information, but that also
rendered the built in PVE cache useless as we needed to query every RG
individually. That was known, I thought we could get away with it. We
did not.

How was it fixed:
- we can now query the storage information for all RGs once. That helps
to again use the builtin cache more effectively as we again need 1
call for every iteration.
- The new LINSTOR API for querying all RGs at once also got a cache
parameter which also helps a lot because it avoids the pressure on the
controller that resulted from the distributed nature of LINSTOR/DRBD.
The http queries were/are not the problem, the problem is that the
controller then needs to get the state of all satellites.

Please test! If I don't get any negative feedback (positive one is
welcome as well), I will release the final version in about a week from

Regards, rck

Re: linstor-proxmox v7.0.1-rc.1 [ In reply to ]
On Thu, May 25, 2023 at 01:15:55PM +0200, Roland Kammerer wrote:
> DEB:

please use this link (note the switched "staging" and "public"):

Regards, rck
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