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linstor-opennebula v2.0.0 release

Some time passed since the last linstor-opennebula release,
mainly because this release was waiting for some features in Linstor to be

Version 2.0.0 now uses the Linstor clone API to create new VM's from
this means less code in the plugin and Linstor decides which copy mode it
has to take.
The biggest improvements this brings is in combination with ZFS, as Linstor
now uses
zfs clone where possible making this a nearly instant operation.

But this change also means, a very recent Linstor version is needed, to be
exact the just released version 1.18.0.
Also deprecated LINSTOR_ attributes have been removed from the plugin and
will be ignored and datastores will now only work with a specified

linstor-opennebula 2.0.0
* Removed deprecated LINSTOR_ attributes
* Use linstor clone API (requiring LINSTOR 1.18.0+)
* Fixed incorrect place-count if prefer-node was used

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