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The end of the mailing lists...time to embrace GitHub
Hi all,

It’s time to shut down the mailing lists. I know some folks will find this sad or unfortunate (my initial thoughts around this provoked similar feelings), but with GitHub being the main distribution point and the Issues feature already in use, it looks like a natural transition. As of now, the users mailing list is limited to my posts, just like the announce list has been.

The Discussions feature is currently beta, but should be fine for the limited activity of the old mailing list. I like the ability to control what notifications you get (down to the thread), for example, and see it as a nice feature over a general mailing list. I do recognize that certain mailing list features will be lost, but behind the scenes there is an amazing amount of SPAM/attempts to try and abuse the mailing lists happening that is just exhausting to deal with. So while I know this could cause some heartache, in the end I believe things will be better overall.

I’m also planning on transferring the email archive into the Discussions section once their API is available and robust enough to do such things (the hints in the feedback forum imply such possibilities in the future). The existing mailing list archives will continue to be available indefinitely either way.

You do not need to worry about unsubscribing from the lists either - I’ll be removing the lists from my system soon (I need to update the web pages to reflect this change as well).

Feel free to continue to reach out directly to me over mail at or through GitHub!

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