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[clamav-users] recursive Windows directory scan with clamdscan?
Hello, I'm a new user of ClamAV on my Windows 11 desktop.
I have freshclam and clamd running as services. Both freshclam and clamd
logs look fine.

Both "clamscan {file}" and "clamdscan {file}" work great.

I can "clamscan -r {folder}" and it scans the entire folder tree.

I have edited the clamd.conf file so both FollowDirectorySymlinks
and FollowFileSymlinks are "yes".
But "clamdscan {folder}" only scans the folder 'file', and a 'clamdscan -r
{folder} " doesn't like and ignores the --recursive option.

Question: How do I get clamDscan to scan an entire folder tree? CAN I?