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[clamav-users] New tool for private mirror maintainers: cvdupdate
Hi all,

I spent my weekend crafting a tool to download & maintain CVD's and CDIFF's for use in a private mirror.

The tool is named "cvdupdate" and is available on:
- PyPI:
- Github: **Disclaimer: This repository may be transferred to a new clamav org on Github in the nearish future.

**This is only for admins that maintain a private mirror. Please continue to use Freshclam for normal ClamAV installs to minimize bandwidth costs for the ClamAV project.
This new "cvdupdate" tool will download CVDs and CDIFFs. Freshclam only downloads CDIFFs after the first CVD has been downloaded.

Requirements: python 3.6 or newer, and an internet connection with DNS enabled.

You can install it with `pip3 install -user cvdupdate`, or `python3 -m pip install -user cvdupdate`

The simplest use case: install it and then run `cvd update`.
The CVDs and CDIFFs will be downloaded to `~/.cvdupdate/database`.
Run it as often as you need, in a cron job for example.
Please see the readme for more usage options/features.

In the future we may add an option to Freshclam to keep CDIFFs so you can use Freshclam for private mirror maintenance instead. But for now, this "cvdupdate" tool should work nicely.
Please ONLY use this tool to maintain private mirrors. DON'T use it for updating your regular clamav database. Use Freshclam instead for that.

I really hope this helps. Any feedback is welcome. You should be able to create Issues on the github repo if you find any problems.

Best regards,

Micah Snyder
ClamAV Development
Cisco Systems, Inc.