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Re: clamav-devel Digest, Vol 184, Issue 3
Hi there,

On Mon, 3 May 2021, Aikansh Shukla wrote:

> We are facing error while integrating clamAV recipe (given below) in
> the Yocto. (We added all the depedency layers & package)

The link which you posted above seems to tell me that the version of
ClamAV which is used by the publisher has not kept up with releases of
ClamAV itself. If this is true it should be a cause for concern, for
reasons which should be obvious. It _appears_ from the link that all
versions 0.100, 0.102 and 0.103 and their patch releases were ignored
by the publisher.

Please take a look at

The current stable release of ClamAV is 0.103.2. That is the version
which you should be using. Apparently the development version (0.104)
is now being published by even before its release by
the ClamAV team. If you use a development version of ClamAV on an
unusual architecture, you should probably expect to have to deal with
a few problems and you will likely need particular skills to do that.

All this seems rather unsatisfactory, and I would recommend that you
look into alternatives.

> Thats why, I want to confirm whether clamAV is providing any support
> for ARM64 in Yocto.

You had two answers to more or less the same question on April 22nd.

Did the answers not reach you?

> Can you please confirm whether above mentioned clamAV recipe will
> support the AMR64 for Yocto-Zeus.

You mention Zeus, which (again according to the link you posted today)
appears to be using ClamAV 0.99.4. This version is beyond End Of Life
and cannot now be used to update your local copies of ClamAV's official
databases because the database mirrors will reject connections from it.
However, if you use any of the third-party databases you could probably
still update those.

If you can give us more information (especially about the devices and
the other software that you are using, your network environment etc.,
and about your applications for them) we can probably help you better.

Also, as I said on April 22nd, subject lines are helpful. Many users
of mailing list will simply ignore any post which does not have an
informative subject line, so by not taking the trouble to create one
you may unwittingly compound your misfortunes. Do please try harder.



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