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GitLab: Implementation status update and a call for early adopters
tl;dr: We're still moving to GitLab. WMF Release Engineering & SRE are
working with contractors on an MVP installation of GitLab CE, which we
hope to have running by July, and in use by early-adopter projects soon
thereafter. Read on for more details.


Hi all,

It's been over six months since we wrapped up the GitLab consultation
process[0] with a decision to migrate from Gerrit to GitLab's Community
Edition. It seemed like a good idea to update the community with our
progress since then.

We currently have contractors from Speed & Function working on a
minimum-viable installation of GitLab CE. We hope to be fairly
confident installing this by the end of June (end Q4 of WMF's fiscal
year). You can follow this work on the "GitLab (Initialization)"
workboard in Phabricator.[1]

Additionally, we're hiring for two Service Operations SRE positions to
build and support a more robust production installation[3], and planning
for new job runner capacity to handle CI on GitLab.

Tentatively, we in RelEng hope to begin using GitLab for some of our own
projects around July (early Q1 of WMF fiscal year) and begin migrating
other projects thereafter. (Keeping in mind, of course, that everything
takes longer than you expect.[4])

We've already heard from some people that their project or team is
interested in being an early adopter of GitLab. If that describes you,
please add a comment on T282842:

Feel free to reach out with any questions!


Brennen Bearnes
Release Engineering
Wikimedia Foundation
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