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Blocking IPs
Dear sirs :)

I just committed a change enabling sysops to block IPs for edit. This was a
request from Larry.

Sysops (and only those!) will have a "Block this IP" link next to each IP on
the history page of an article. That seemed like the logical place to put
it, since IP blocking will result from some form of editing.
NOTE: Currently, there is no way to block a logged-in user that way; not a
pressing issue at the time, though.

That blocked IP will go to "Wikipedia:Blocked IPs".
NOTE: That page should be protected, otherwise a troll could just go there
and remove his IP from the list!
NOTE: Currently, the only way to set an IP free again is to manually delete
the line on "Wikipedia:Blocked IPs". There's a timestamp so we can implement
time-based removal later.

Even blocked IPs can go to the edit page, but on pressing "Save", blocked
IPs will get a message ("Your IP has been blocked..."). This will even work
if the troll signs up with a user name after getting the block as an IP.
Sneaky, eh? ;)

Let's get Larry his sysop rights back ASAP!