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Sysop status
For a few glorious days, I had sysop status. I no longer do. Magnus
knows at least a little about the problem, but if any of you know as well
and can fix the problem, that would be great.

The problem might be related to a login problem we still have. When I go
to any page and press "Log out" and then "Log in", I come to a page that
says: "User Larry_Sanger1, you are already logged in!"

If I then attempt to log in as "Larry Sanger", which I *suspect* (don't
know) has sysop status (whereas "Larry_Sanger" does not), it tells me:
"Larry Sanger, you are logged in!" Moreover, the link in the upper right
hand corner is to "Larry Sanger"'s homepage. Hopefully, I then go back to
the Main Page only to find that I am once again "Larry_Sanger" (so says
the upper right corner link) and do not have sysop privileges.