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Gadgets Tab in Preferences is not showing up
In my preferences section the Gadgets Tab is not showing up. I want to
use Twinkle extension/gadget.

My mediawiki version is 1.37.0. Under
https://mywiki.tld/MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition an empty page is
displayed. So I do not seem to have any default gadget installed.
Gadgets are displayed under Special:Version Other Extensions: Gadgets
Version: – (6df6b80) 15:59, 10. Okt. 2021)

I found a hint that the reason for not showing up the gadget tab could
be that one does not have a default gadget installed. It is not clear to
me how to set up a default gadget. Also I do not know which gadgets I
have installed per default in my standard installation. So far I do not
use any gadget at all.

My skin is Timeless.

Any help is very welcome.

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