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Two new events for 2021: EMWCon (online), EMW Hackathon (in-person)
Hi everyone,

I'm excited to announce two upcoming MediaWiki-related events over the next
six months or so:

First is the 2021 Enterprise MediaWiki Conference, or EMWCon. Last year's
was online-only, and some of us really wanted this year's to be in-person,
but it didn't work out. So this year's event will again be online-only, and
will be held April 20-22, on Eastern Time. You can read more about the
event, and sign up here (it's free):

The second event is the Enterprise MediaWiki Hackathon, which will be an
in-person event, most likely in Nashville, either June or July
of this year. If you want to attend, there is also a sign-up list on that


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