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Second round of voting for the new logo of mediawiki - testing the voting gadget
The second round of voting for the new logo will start soon. In this round,
we are going to vote on different variants of the top design (Proposal
six). Given that 16 different variants of this logo exist (with different
wordmarks, colors, etc.), we need preferential voting instead of the
classic support/oppose. We will use Schulze method [1] for choosing the
final winner.

I hacked together a simple voting gadget that you can test in

Using that, you just order logos based on how much you like them (with drag
and drop), and then click save. The votes will be saved in another page.
Please test and let me know of any issues by the next couple of days (by
September 25). Any edits on the gadget is also welcome. Please put your
suggestions on its talk page if you don't have rights to edit it.

Of course, voting without the gadget will be also possible, it'll be just
slightly cumbersome.

One known issue so far: The gadget on mobile doesn't work because mobile
browsers don't listen to drag events.

Amir (he/him)
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