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Re: [Wikitech-l] can I install wikimedia on a normal webspace account? how?
On Nov 3, 2003, at 14:52, Freerk Ohling wrote:
> Hello wikitech-l,
> I am trying to install the mediawiki-20030829.tar.gz on my
> webspace as a readonly mirror of the german cur database.
> I already got it managed to insert the 92MB mysqldump
> of the german cur_table into my mysql database.
> But I can't install the mediawiki. I do have a webspace packet
> with 200mb space, PHP 4.2.1, Apache 1.3.23 and MySQL
> 3.23.51-log on Linux 2.4.9-31 RedHat7.2. I also have phpMyAdmin
> 2.5.1 (but the mediawiki INSTALL file says: Recommended versions
> are: Apache 1.3.27 or later; MySQL 4.0.13 or later; PHP 4.3.2 or
> later.)

(If you haven't already, you may wish to sign up for the mediawiki-l
mailing list, we're hoping to split setup help and release
announcements off from the day-to-day running-of-Wikipedia and active
development stuff here in wikitech-l.)

You may have trouble with that old a PHP, some things may need to be
replaced with older equivalents.

It should be possible to set it up generally, but not with the install

All the *.php files from includes/ and languages/ (or at least, just he
languages/ files you need) need to go into a single install directory,
for simplicity this may be the place where you put wiki.phtml and

To create the database... first, in phpMyAdmin rename the existing
'cur' table to something else, say 'cur2', for the meantime. Now, in
phpMyAdmin you should have the option to run a sequence of sql
commands. I forget if there's a script upload option or if you just
have to paste in, but take maintenance/tables.sql and
maintenance/indexes.sql and execute all the commands in them; this
creates the table layout.

Now, get rid of the newly created 'cur' table and rename 'cur2' back to

If everything's set up right, you now should be able to browse pages.
Some features won't work (whatlinkshere, recentchangeslinked, nothing
yet in recentchanges, search won't work) and without the link tables
it'll be slightly less efficient loading pages, as it has to check the
existence of every linked page individually. "In theory" if you put the
'maintenance' subdirectory in there, and you've got an
AdminSettings.php, you can run the maintenance/rebuild-all.php script.
It may be buggy and may not work at all, be warned, and you really
_really_ shouldn't leave the maintenance scripts web-accessible.

-- brion vibber (brion @