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Re: [WikiEN-l] Secretlondon's attacks on Jimbo Wales
(cc to foundation-l)
> I wrote:
>> I'm getting sick of your US bashing. Please stop it now.

> I regretted it, and apologized. I apologized again today. I try to
> be nice to everyone, but sometimes I fail, and I'm very sorry about
> that.

I see two problems here:

1) People confuse your personal opinions with Wikipedia policy. Maybe a
copy&paste disclaimer for your emails would help with that? "The opinions
in this email are my own and do not reflect Wikimedia or Wikipedia project
policy unless otherwise stated." Most email clients support multiple sigs
for purposes like that.

2) People don't realize that Wikimedia is not just Jimbo Wales. Most of
our external communications have been very Jimbo-centric so far, but
that's partially because there was no elected Board of Trustees, for
example. Is there a shared board email address already? Maybe something
like board at wikimedia dot org could be used as a replacement for the
ubiquitous jwales at bomis dot com. That would also help in combating the
Bomis-related conspiracy theories.

A ticket system would offer quite a few advantages over a simple mailing
list: 1) no duplicate effort, 2) no need for spamming your inbox, just do
everything through a single web interface, 3) easily expand the team of
"agents", with different categories and associated user rights.
Essentially a Bugzilla for emails.

This system here looks interesting: