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[Wikimedia-l] Paid translation pilot underway - seeking additional German, Chinese, and Russian translators

The Wikimedia Foundation's new “Organization communications translators
group” pilot is now underway. We are ready for additional translators to
join! In particular, we are in need of additional German, Chinese, and
Russian translators.

We are looking for 3–5 translators in each of the target languages (Arabic,
Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish) to join this pilot for paid
translations, which will last for the remainder of this fiscal year.

Individuals interested in participating should apply via this Wikimedia
Foundation position posting:

== More information ==

This is a new translation model we are testing for Wikimedia Foundation
materials primarily used in external communications (such as the
Foundation's website, transparency report, and organizational policies).
These tend to be much longer than the materials for which we generally seek
translations, and demand more stringent requirements with respect to
precision, quality, and deadlines. For translations of this nature, fair
paid compensation is often necessary.

This model was developed based on experiences with past translation efforts
and feedback from community translators, affiliates, and staff within the
Foundation. It is not a replacement for existing translation work, and will
not be used for materials such as project articles, fundraising, or other
content which has an existing translation model in place.

We will be testing this model over the coming months, and will make changes
based on feedback and what we learn.

For more information, please visit this Meta-Wiki page:

Thank you!


Gregory Varnum (pronouns - he/his/him)

Communications Strategist

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