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Happy Birthday Varnish-Cache: SLASH/ storage engines version 1.0.0-rc1 released
Celebrating the 18th anniversary of Varnish-Cache and the first anniversary of
the SLASH/ storage engines today, your Open-Source Varnish-Cache friends from
UPLEX have just tagged the first version 1.0.0 candidate of our extension with
storage engines (stevedores) and storage routers (loadmasters).

Over the past year, we have received a lot of helpful input from our users and
have implemented substantial improvements. THANK YOU to everyone who has
contributed by reporting issues, providing feedback and, just recently, adding
documentation. SLASH/fellow has also helped improve Varnish-Cache itself.

After rigorous testing in particular over the past weeks, we now boldly claim
that SLASH/ deserves a 1.0 version tag.




The remainder of this announcement is identical to the initial announcement one
year ago:

The preferred public repository with support for issues, merge-requests and
other activities is at


The buddy storage engine is an advanced, high performance stevedore with a fixed
memory size based on a new buddy memory allocator implementation from first

Its main advantages are that it only uses a fixed amount of memory and solves
the LRU fairness issue in Varnish-Cache.


The fellow storage engine is an advanced, high performance, eventually
persistent, always consistent implementation based on the same allocator as the
buddy storage engine.

It eventually persists all objects on stable storage. Both raw devices and files
are supported, but NVMe or other flash based storage with high random I/O
throughput at low latency times is recommended as the underlying medium.


Two simple storage routers are provided by the module for now, round-robin and hash.

what else?

* slashmap is a curses interface to visualize allocations in real time

* Yes, we have statistics and counters. Not enough of them yet, though.

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